Kindle.. I Actually LIKE reading on it…

Hi Guys

So i have been away on holiday (To Egypt) took way too many books ( Had to leave one at home because too much weight) and spent a 2 weeks reading in the sun. I  love every minute of it.. However I took one book away with me that i didn’t really get on with.

When I got home I gave all the books to my mum to read (as the spare room is still full of books).  When talking to my Mum she said ‘you really need a kindle, you could have saved a lot of wright on your baggage.. and you would have had a lot more options when reading.’

So, For my birthday I thought why not? Lets try one 🙂

I have had one for a week and have read.. 3 books (2 short stories 200 pages ish) I thought i would hate reading on a kindle as i love paper books so much especially brand new books. However I really like it. I love the function that tells you how long it will take to read the chapter so you know if you can squeeze in another chapter 🙂 … The only thing I would change (so far) is to see the book covers in colour. So when talking to those who have bought it in paper you can describe what the book looks like and find it better in the catalogue.

Anyway I am going to try post some more blogs while I’m on holiday. Before i go back to the madness of university and work!!


Happy Reading 🙂


Em xx


HAPPY New Year, Im Back!! :)

So, i have been very busy over the last few months starting a Occupational Therapy Degree, which has meant that apart from text books i have had little time to read!

However, i begin placement next week and i have to commute for 2/3 hours a day which means = lots of reading time 🙂 & Earl Grey!!

over christmas i have read one book – Daughter by Jane Shemilt, It was amazing to spend time indulging in a great book. I loved this book and think that everyone should read it!!

– I will be putting a blog up about it very soon 🙂


Hope everyone is Happy and Healthy!! Im really happy and looking forward my next big adventure coupled with a great read 🙂


Inspired by The Most Happy Blog :)



so, I’m on page 11 of 223 – i have 3 hours 🙂 lets see if i can finish it today 🙂 i am loving it already!! 🙂

2.5 hours in and I’m on page 130 🙂 forgot how brilliant this book was – love the relationships already developing between the characters and complex descriptions J.K  Rowling  uses to tell the story.

Looking forward to picking the book back up monday afternoon (in the library)


update : Harry Potter and the philosophers Stone – finished for a 2nd time 🙂 Just as brilliant as the first!!!

– going to pick up The Chamber of Secrets now 🙂

Young Adult Book Review


I have reviewed my first young adult book 🙂 The Recruit by Robert Muchmroe. This is a fantastic book which is part of a amazing series for young adults.  If you haven’t read this series as a child its defiantly a treat and easy read as a adult 🙂 great with a cuppa tea and a comfy chair!! 

Again, i have had little time to make any blogs and i have not really read over that last 2 weeks, life has over taken my reading time 😦 

However i am looking forward to tucking into a fresh book on Saturday, i am yet to decide what to read – do any of you have any suggestions? I am tempted with either a thriller or re-reading Harry Potter. 🙂 

Please feel free to make suggestions!! 

Happy Reading – Emily 🙂 Unknown-1

Before I Go To Sleep – *Yawn*

Hi 🙂 

so, i am sad to say i have written my first negative ish.. book review.  I reviewed Before I Go To Sleep by S.J Watson which I just thought was quite slow and tedious.. overall i gave it 4/10. Please look at my review and let me know your thoughts i.e if you disagree?? 
I am intrigued to see the film however to see if they make it more action packed… not sure if it was just the way it was written.. 

– Have you guys read anything recently which you have been disappointed with? let me know! 🙂 


Happy Reading 

Sunday Morning Rain is Falling.. :)

Hi 🙂 

Blog Updates;
– 2 new reviews: Bridget Jones Mad About the Boy & One Step Too Far by Tina Seskis
– Inspired by others – New book I want to read 🙂 

Life Update; 
This week has been busy 2 Job interviews and 1 New Job 🙂 This explains my lack of blogs this week but will mean more money for books :). I have also not been reading as much as usual I have been reading Before I Go To Sleep by S J Watson for about a week and still only on page 226 of 373, although I’m not sure if this is because i have been busy or because the book is quite slow!! 

I aim to have my review up for Before i Go to Sleep next week 🙂 along with a few more from books i have read in the past 🙂 

Happy Reading 





Inspired By Others :)

Hello to MY 5 Followers!! 🙂 

First Thanks for following me!! 🙂 – you all have lovely blogs and should check each others out!! ( i have put the links below for others looking at my bloggy blog blog!! 🙂 So, All blogs are brilliant, however reading your blogs is making me want to read MORE books and do quizzes and book challenges.. So I am making a new page called… Inspired By Others… in which I will list the books I want to read after looking at others reviews and reference blogs I have posted i.e book challenges – taken form other peoples blogs… 

So, Thanks Ladies 🙂 teacup2 – Happy Reading 

Emily xx