This blog is all about books 🙂 because I love reading 🙂

I have decided to write a Blog, which I have no burning desire to make massively public, but is just a place for me to record my thoughts (and anyone else, if you want to) about books i am reading/have recently read.

My inspiration has come from a book I recently read called 100 Pieces of Me. The main charicter decided to de-clutter her life and only keep 100 things which where important to her. I am not saying this is what I want to do however i am a hoarder especially for books!! I have never reread a book in my life BUT have no willpower to throw these lovely books away. Therefore I thought if i photograph every book I read and write a small blog on each one it may give me the strength to throw my lovely books away (which i have no room for in my very small house)

I invite others to share their thoughts on books I have read and/or recommend books which you have read and have thought where ‘great reads’



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just wanted to stop in and tell you I love your blog so far. I really want to read 100 Pieces of Me now. I try to live a very simple, minimalistic lifestyle but books are my downfall! I think the premise behind your blog is very cool 🙂

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    • Thanks Becca 🙂 your feedbacks lovely!! 🙂

      I Have a great Idea for my blog continuing on this theme but need to get some more followers before I can launch my idea.. I will keep in contact, I think you will like it.. 🙂

      Look forward to your next blog 🙂



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