Good Afternoon :)


So, I have decided to write a Blog, which I have no burning desire to make massively public, but is just a place for me to record my thoughts (and anyone else, if you want to) about books i am reading/have recently read.

My inspiration has come from a book I recently read called 100 Pieces of Me (see book review). The main charicter decided to de-clutter her life and only keep 100 things which where important to her. I am not saying this is what I want to do however i am a hoarder especially for books!! I have never reread a book in my life BUT have no willpower to throw these lovely books away. Therefore I thought if i photograph every book I read and write a small blog on each one it may give me the strength to throw my lovely books away (which i have no room for in my very small house)

I invite others to share their thoughts on books I have read and/or recommend books which you have read and have thought where ‘great reads’

I am now off to make a cup of tea and photograph all my books 🙂 i hope to blog about one of them very soon!!




2 thoughts on “Good Afternoon :)

  1. I really like you blog! 😀 And your books are great! i can totally share the not giving books away, its just too painful and i get anxious! lol even Though i have re-read books, all the time really.


    • Thanks, Yeh i have yet to give any away yet i am working out the best way 🙂 (looking around for the best charity shop)

      thanks for the mention about the books i have chosen to read, i love typical women’s fiction but am trying to branch out to different genres..

      anyway, Happy Reading – i look forward to your next post!



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