Favourite 2014 Read.. So Far :)

Hi 🙂

So, I don’t tend to Blog my Book Reviews but put them all on my ‘Book Review Page’ However I loved this book and felt it deserved to be posted onto my blog! (so maybe other people may see the blog and go read the book!!)

Please go and read the blog OR read the book 🙂 Its Great


Before We Met – Lucie Whitehouse
Reviewed 05/07/2014

This is the first review i have wrote straight after finishing the book (so hopefully a little more detailed and heartfelt). I was defiantly attracted to the book by the front cover ( a rose which is shattered into tiny little pieces on a dark background with bright white writing ‘before we met’ ) … however the description on the back was brief but intriguing so I picked it up along with a couple of other books and went of home for a cup of earl grey 🙂

Book Description
A whirlwind romance. A perfect marriage.
Hannah Reilly has seized her chance at happiness
Until the day her husband fails to come home . . .
can you ever really know what happened before you met?

I started reading Before We Met about 5/6 days ago, it has taken so long to read not because it was a slow read (it was a page turner!!) but because I have been busy setting this blog up… which has been great fun but has stopped me reading this amazing book. 

The book starts and Hannah is driving to Heathrow Airport (in a storm) to pick up her husband (Mark) who was meant to be on a flight from america, however he doesn’t come home… brilliant, the book has you hooked from chapter one! Your thinking poor Hannah he has left her, or poor Hannah something has happened to him. The first few chapters take you through the weekend in which Hannah begins to discover things are not what they seem!

Lucie Whitehouse is great she slowly drip feeds the reader information through Hannah’s discoveries, you find yourself really empathising with Hannah. This said, Hannah’s character did frustrate me as she did things which set herself up to fail which you just wouldn’t do… (the kind of things you see people do in horror movies and you think to yourself… well you just brought that on yourself love..

The Story was great I loved the relationship Lucie created between Hannah and Mark and the uncertainty Hannah & the reader felt throughout the whole book. However I didn’t like the ending i thought it was incredibly rushed and felt quite deflated after what was quite a dramatic few chapters prior to the last. I am not sure what she could of added but I am left feeling ..oh is that it…

** Dont read if you haven’t read the book**

I loved the twist at the end with Mark and his brother (mark being the one who killed Hermione) however I kind of wish that Nick had survived as although you where meant to hate them both by the end I couldn’t help but feel Nick had paid already for his crime and that he should have been given the chance to change his way.

All in all i loved the book and it has totally got me into Thrillers… I would recommend this to everyone its amazing i LOVED IT 🙂

Rating = 9/10

Happy Reading




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