Inspired By Others :)

Hello to MY 5 Followers!! 🙂 

First Thanks for following me!! 🙂 – you all have lovely blogs and should check each others out!! ( i have put the links below for others looking at my bloggy blog blog!! 🙂 So, All blogs are brilliant, however reading your blogs is making me want to read MORE books and do quizzes and book challenges.. So I am making a new page called… Inspired By Others… in which I will list the books I want to read after looking at others reviews and reference blogs I have posted i.e book challenges – taken form other peoples blogs… 

So, Thanks Ladies 🙂 teacup2 – Happy Reading 

Emily xx




3 thoughts on “Inspired By Others :)

    • Thanks 🙂 I love that picture it makes me very happy – very calming, Glad you like it too.. although its not mine i took it of google :/

      Thanks for following me I will soon take a look at your blog too 🙂 I’m sure its splendid! 🙂

      Happy Reading – Emily!


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